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Jaichnikovye Kisty - Vazhnost Tazovogo Ekzamena to Diagnose Jaichnikovye Kisty

When business reaches female health one of the most important diagnostic examinations which the woman can have, is tazovym examination. It is important in catching of many illnesses of female reproductive system, and is something that can be executed at office of the doctor. Only one of conditions which tazovyy examination can help to diagnose, is yaichnikovymi kistami which can be a painful problem for many women.
Yaichnikovye kisty are usually classified according to one of two possible terms. One such term - "follicular kista", and another "luteal kista". Follicular kista it is created, when egg is not let out, as it should be, and then is surrounded by the filled sack of a liquid. It then consider kistoy. This new kista can solve herself and disappear without long effects, or it can inflate bol'shiy and cause problems. luteal kista - where egg is let out, and then the sack seals again and is filled with liquids.
Tazovye examinations are important when business reaches to yaichnikovykh kist, because they - the first line of detection kisty. If your doctor notices kistu on yours yaichnike during time tazovogo examination more than probable to you will plan ultrasound. Ultrasounds can be used to define the size kist, and to give to your doctor good idea of from what kisty you can suffer. Ultrasounds - the essential tool in catching of wrong cells of growth before they can become health hazard.
You should know that the majority yaichnikovykh kist is never noticed. Only, when they become big enough to be bent, or ruptures will be known by you completely about their presence. Signs problematic yaichnikovykh kist: tazovaya the pain, malfunctions in menstrual'nom a cycle, hurts during a floor, a pain during an excrement and an abundance in a stomach.
If you are diagnosed with yaichnikovymi kistami, you should know that there are the variants of processing accessible to you. Some of them include surgery and all natural processings. Vybiranie, what processing you wish to pursue, completely your business, but you should undergo at first tazovomu to examination to exclude other reasons.

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